Tincuta Heinzel
Hillevi Munthe

Project’s logistics:
Linda Vaage

Octavian Fedorovici

Janis Jefferies
Juan Hinestroza
Emmanuel Ferrand

Workshops coordinators:

CORINA CATANA is Head of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC), Faculty of Horticulture, UASVM Cluj-Napoca. She coordinates research projects on in vitro culture techniques and systems to understand the plant cell functional activity, genetic manipulation, modelling and analysis of risk scenarios for biosecurity / genetically modified organisms. Part of the work is dedicated to wildcrafting – collecting plant material (seeds and plants) from natural sources and cultivated areas, inventory and storage of the local populations of economic interest for the CBC`s germplasm collection, virtual herbarium (barcode system, Genebank Information Management System, OLTP, Standard Material Transfer Agreement) and circulation and exchange of germplasm material (international databases and networking). She also coordinates the activities of BioArt group, founded in 2009, at UASVM Cluj-Napoca, in association with University of Art and Design (UAD) Cluj-Napoca.

OCTAVIAN FEDOROVICI is a developer and multimedia artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is passionate about photography, video art, animation, op and net art, while also demonstrating a history of professional work as a full-stack developer in the information technology and services industry.

EMMANUEL FERRAND is an engineer and mathematician (Sorbonne University, Paris, France), with a deep interest for biological complexity, and the intrinsic limitations of the mathematical models in biology. Also active in “La Générale”, an independent culture space in Paris, where citizen science and open technology is actively promoted (Free Fermentology Foundation) together with urban farming and many artistic projects. Website:

TINCUTA HEINZEL is Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University UK. Over the last 14 years she worked extensively in the field of electronic and reactive textiles, and conduct research on art and design theory and philosophy of design and technology. She initiated, curated and/or coordinated several projects, such as “Artists in Industry” (Bucharest, 2011-2013) and “Haptosonics” (Oslo, 2013), “Repertories of (in)discreetness” (Budapest- Bucharest, 2013-2015). She is member of 2580 Association (Cluj, Romania) and of Paidia Institute (Cologne, Germany).

IOANA MACREA – TOMA is researcher at OSA Archives Budapest, Hungary. Trained in philology, comparative literature and history, Ioana is interested in the study of knowledge formation through the perspective of archival and media theories, the history of science and philosophy of history. She wrote about the history of intellectuals and the interplay of perception about the Other by observing cognitive systems during the Cold War (Radio Free Europe, Secret Police, intellectuals within the literary field and listeners to the radio).

IONUT PATRASCU is an architect and computational designer. During university studies, he explored through volunteering, workshops and competitions sustainable architecture, traditional vernacular building techniques, built heritage rehabilitation, architectural publishing. However, he best identifies himself with algorithmic design and digital fabrication, fields in which he worked as part of ZEST Collective and currently with IDZ Architectura studio.

ZORAN POPOVICI studied architecture and, slightly out of context, motorcycle mechanic. Currently digital storyteller and expert virtual studio creator at TVR, the Romanian Public Broadcasting network. Prior to that, Co-Founding & Directing edukube, an educational hub for digital tools used in art and architecture focused on lecturing, teaching and holding workshops in multiple 3d software and real-time applications.

RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform createdin 1999. RYBN.ORG leads investigations within the realms ofhigh-frequency economics and information technologies, writing kabbalistic algorithms, inserting suicidal trading machines into thefinancial markets, perverting neural networks during their trainingphase or hunting ghosts in the noise of data traffic. The works of RYBN.ORG have been shown in numerous contemporary artexhibitions such as Infosphäre (ZKM), Nervöse System (HKW), the GlobalContemporary (ZKM), 2062 (la Gaîté Lyrique), Stock Overflow (iMAL), ElProcesso Como Paradigma (LABoral), Gutes Böses Geld (KunsthalleBaden-Baden), Requiem for a Bank (HMKV), Media Mediums (Ygrec), StockOverflow (iMAL), l’espace Virtuel du Jeu de Paume, CNAP; and numerousmedia art festivals, such as ISEA, Transmediale/CTM, Pixelache,Malaupixel, NEMO, Elektra, Cellsbutton, Ars Electronica. Website:

STELIAN SARACUT is an electronics enthusiast since childhood. He is currently working as a software developer and in his spare time he builds Mega Sumo robots for international competitions. He likes working with anything from vacuum tubes to FPGAs.