Visual artist of the Finis Terrae University, currently carrying out research in new media and its relations with traditional methodologies from the field of textile art and interdisciplinary exploration with design, engineering, theory, arts, science.
With a 2 pdf publications in this topic



It is defined under the context of art but I have been inserting in certain design methodologies to order ideas
They are collages that interpret the extension of the I and of the speech by means of the sonorous and visual inserted in the body, on the body: the most visible part of the I with the speech.

Never have these been framed to an official project of sample
I want to work the noise and the reactive skin through the vibration and the sound
I have a platform of diffusion and event every 2 years in Chile, only person that has a wearable’s complete platform. I have participated in BIONICA: woman, technology, body and sound year 2015, SONAR events in Chile, I have dedicated more to research but I have several ideas

Declare my main object to work from the arts> the body that through the dressing could extend their speech and interaction with the environment everyday, and the magic of technology can do.

MY project consists of pieces of clothing, most of them hacked out of their usual usability and altered in their structure to implement it from a technological layer that until now is sound> the body that speaks from a Reactive Skin. They are 3 pieces very decorated and baroque> hat, shirt and chest.

other (describe) technical failure for to be Very self-taught

Failure because only recently I am inside the programming and because in Chile has not been very widespread, the failure comes more by the diffusion and rhythm of processes,and because it is located in a place that mixes art and design from the Chilean context of the arts
In chile the art look is very traditional, although lately opening new fields
More methodology and less experimentation
The experimentation comes well but you have to finish the projects and direct them to a research.

To research more, to learn more of programming, to consolidate my platform, to apply to funds to realize Festival 2018, to wait for learning and to generate contacts.

For good: I will enter a magister to install this subject within the art, to decide to obtain a greater clarity of planning of projects, to know to continue with the experimentation but directing all this to solid creation.



Being a medium I exchange exchange to investigate, the magic of the technology and how this can be a favor to raise the conscience of the man of himself and surroundings, to humanize more the world.
And insertion of a greater methodology to actually create with more magic.

What makes interesting is the symbolic, the metaphor of the extension of the self, what is interesting is the hyper-consciousness of the self in relation to the environment, its needs, its ability to play and to go from one level to another of technologies. The textile, the clothing, the portable is the most direct object of the human being.

Divide the market, that is to say a very experimental and playful part since the e / textiles are a new support of art, or that is useful for the industry to arrive at novelties
E better implement or encourage the other side of the design and its methodology
More electronic components at hand and lower costs.